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Hazel Brewster
Public Relations Director

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Commerce Connection

  • Register For the Vermont Economic Conference – January 30, 2023
  • 2023 Legislative Session Priorities
  • Sen. Ram Hinsdale Supportive of Workforce Recruitment and Retention Efforts
  • Business Leaders Urged Action From Commissioners of Economic Development, Housing
  • Vermont Futures Project Op-Ed: An Unbalanced Equation

  • Vermont Economic Conference
  • VT Restaurant Leaders Meet with Congressman Welch
  • Declaration of Inclusion Initiative Reaches Milestone
  • Attracting More Workers for a Successful Future
  • Promote Your Event to Vermonters and Visitors


Learn about current state of the manufacturing industry, how rising costs are contributing to economic uncertainty, how Vermont can leverage its strengths to address our greatest economic challenges, and more. We also feature our sponsor, MVP Health Care.


learn about the recent Vermont Chamber events, the current grant and assistance programs available to Vermont businesses, and more. We also feature member Open Approach, and our sponsor MVP Health Care.


Learn about solutions for recruiting and retaining workers, updates from the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery, The CHIPS Act, the Elevate Vermont Technical Assistance Grant, and more.


In this issue, learn about the our summer on the road, pandemic recovery initiatives for bars and restaurants, the VEDA Short Term Forgivable Loan Program, the State Small Business Credit Initiative, and more. We also spotlight our member, Wicked Good Ice.


Learn about the Chamber's new Business Outreach Director, an update on the Declaration of Inclusion, workforce training grants, and more in July's Commerce Connection. We also spotlight Darn Tough.


Learn about our latest podcast episode, cross-border collaboration, the 2022 Vermont Community Leadership Summit, SBA's Executive Entrepreneurship Training Class, and more in June's Commerce Connection. We also feature Autumn Harp.


Learn about The 2022 Manufacturing Summit, Vermont's Declaration of Inclusion, Casella's Sustainability Leadership Award Winners, Vermont's 2022 Inclusion Week, and more in May's Commerce Connection. We also feature Julie Martin of 89 North.


Learn about the Chamber's new podcast, an investment in Vermont's GlobalFoundries facility, Vermont Business Magazine's 2022 Best of Business Awards recipients, and more in April's Commerce Connection. We also share a feature that spotlights our member Vermont Teddy Bear Company.


Learn about the importance of addressing housing for Vermont's workforce, the results of the Vermont Economic Survey, the relocating and remoter worker grants, and more in March's Commerce Connection. We also share a feature that spotlights our member West Hill House B&B.


  • Vermont Economic Conference Focused on the Business Case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Vermont Chamber Announces New Hire, Public Relations Director
  • Help Your Town Adopt the Declaration of Inclusion
  • Chamber Response to State of the State and Budget Address


  • Attend Our Economic Conference
  • Vermont Chamber Focusing on Workforce Talent & Growth
  • Building Our Future Economy
  • Labor Shortage Impacting Vermont

  • Vermont Chamber Expands Government Relations Division
  • Vermont Futures Project Welcomes New Executive Director
  • Equity is the Path to Economic Success
  • Aviation Tech Center is a Workforce Investment


  • Submit Your 2022 Top 10 Event!
  • Advocacy Around Vaccine Mandate
  • Urge Congress to Replenish RRF
  • VFP Welcomes New Board Members & Turns 5 Years Old


  • Feel Fall in Vermont
  • Chamber Welcomes Afghan Refugees
  • Welcoming New Board Members
  • Building Bridges Fund Contributors 


  • Introducing Our New Website
  • Chamber President Meets With Senator Sanders
  • 2 Questions in 2 Minutes - Vermont Futures Project
  • RRF Replenishment


  • Inspired Discussions About Vermont's Economy 
  • 2 Questions in 2 Minutes: Economic Recovery Bridge
  • Vermont Chamber on NPR
  • Find & Grow Your Workforce at Our Annual Manufacturing Summit


  • Vermont Chamber Co-Presents Deane C. Davis Award 
  • Pushing for RRF Replenishment
  • 2 Questions in 2 Minutes - Business Recovery Needs
  • The Future of Electric Aviation


  • Investments in Economic Future, but Little Immediate Business Relief 
  • Tourism & Hospitality Worker Vaccine Clinics
  • 2 Questions in 2 Minutes - Alcohol To-Go
  • Vermont Futures Project Survey


  • Senator Leahy Announces Earmarks at Chamber Event
  • 2 Questions in 2 Minutes - Manufacturing Tax Exemption
  • Act 250 & the Stifling of Economic Opportunity
  • Improving the Health of Vermont's Housing


  • Future of Remote Work in Vermont
  • UI Changes Would Harm Economic Recovery
  • Virtual Policy Series Recordings
  • Manufacturing Summit Registration Open for Suppliers


  • Launch of Our Second Virtual Policy Series
  • Vermont Employers Embracing Change
  • Racial Diversity and Equity Data Sets
  • Broadband Access and Needs


  • Positive Steps for Vermont's Aerospace Sector
  • Civility: Is it Too Much to Ask? Not in Vermont
  • Join Us at Our Vermont Economic Conference
  • Working Bridges Launches to Support Restaurant Workforce


  • 2021 Vermont Economic Conference
  • Business Not as Usual: 2021 Legislative Priorities
  • Annual Business Economic Survey
  • Tourism and Hospitality Roundtable


  • Additional $75 Million for Vermont Businesses
  • December Events in Our Virtual Policy Series
  • Legislative Updates Across Vermont
  • Vermont Chamber Supporting Workforce


  • Last Chance to Vote
  • Apply for Expanded Grants
  • Explore Vermont and Win
  • Pushing for More Relief for Businesses


  • Seal, Sign, and Send!
  • Vermont Chamber Cohosts Candidate Forums
  • Socially Distant Ways to Enjoy Vermont This Fall
  • Successful Opposition to U.S. Tariff on Canadian Aluminum


  • Seal, Sign, and Send!
  • Enroll Your Business in Gift Card Program
  • Our Tourism Team Launches Improved Directory
  • Virtual Manufacturing Summit
  • Vermont Could Lead Nation in Remote Work


  • Vermont Chamber Hosting Legislative Webinars
  • Apply Now for Recovery Grants
  • Recovery Passport Continues Into August
  • Chris Carrigan Wins SBA Award


  • Forging a Way Forward
  • Chamber Strengthened Relief for Businesses
  • Vice President of Tourism on Mass Appeal
  • Vermont Chamber Joins U.S. Chamber Initiative


  • The Way Through is Together
  • Our Advocacy Influenced Relief Package
  • Vermont Chamber President on VPR
  • Congressman Welch at Lodging Town Hall


  • Over 40 Members Among 2020 Best of Business Recipients
  • Vermont Futures Project Recovery Dashboard
  • Vermont Chamber Readies Manufacturers for Reopening
  • Welcoming Three New Hires


State to Main

  • “Invest Versus Spend” – Governor Scott Delivers His 7th Budget Address
  • Childcare Report Released, Questions on Availability Remain
  • Housing Solutions Gain Momentum
  • The Cloud Tax Conversation
State to Main – 2023 Week 3

  • This Has to Stop
  • Governor Proposes Greater Infrastructure Investments
  • Proposed Paid Family and Medical Leave Bill Funded by Payroll Tax
  • Vermont’s Congressional Delegation Takes Office 

State to Main – 2023 Week 2

  • Governor Scott Echoes the Vermont Chamber’s Commitment to the Economy
  • Legislature Must Balance Economic Conditions with Priorities
  • Chairs Take the Helm in Key Committees
  • State House Shakeup: Committee Assignments

State to Main – 2023 Week 1

  • 2023 Legislative Session Priorities
  • Vermont Chamber Hosts Business Roundtable with Sen. Ram Hinsdale
  • The Wellspring Forum Featured Commissioners of Economic Development, Housing
  • Restaurant Leaders Meet with Senator-Elect Welch to Urge Continued Industry Support
State to Main – 2022 December Edition

  • 2022 General Election Results
  • Attracting More Workers for a Successful Future
  • Healthcare Roundup
  • Declaration of Inclusion Initiative Reaches Milestone
State to Main – 2022 November Edition

  • Accumulating Costs Add to Economic Uncertainty
  • Tax Revenues Strong, But Can We Afford More Spending?
  • Election Day
  • Vermont Futures Project: 2022 Top States for Business – The Rise of Vermont
State to Main – 2022 October Edition

  • Rising Business Costs Inform Policy Agenda
  • The Wellspring Forum with Balint and Pieciak
  • Delegation Champions Collaboration at Aerospace Innovation Forum
  • Vermont Futures Project Data Dive
State to Main – 2022 September Edition

  • Political Intrigue in Federal Races Drives High Voter Turnout, Upsets
  • Surprises and Fresh Faces in Down Ballot Races
  • Looking Ahead to the General Election
  • Opportunity to Weigh in on Hospital Budget Increases
State to Main – 2022 August Edition

  • Don’t Forget to Vote!
  • Our Members Are at the Center of All We Do
  • Thanking All-Star Legislators
  • Retirements Mark the End of an Era, and the Start of a New Chapter
State to Main – 2022 July Edition

  • 2022 Legislative Wins
  • With Compromise, State Appropriations Reflect Shared Goals
  • Retirements and Candidates Seeking Higher Office Spell State House Shakeup
State to Main – 2022 Legislative Session Review

  • Vermont Chamber Investment in Advocacy Pays off for Businesses
  • As Session Winds Down, Vetoes Increase
  • Economic and Workforce Development Bill Passes Despite Veto Concerns
  • Omnibus Housing Bill Passes

State to Main – 2022 Week 18

  • Omnibus Economic and Workforce Development Bill in Final Negotiations
  • Act 250 Bill Passes House With Poison Pill
  • Legislature on Track to Extend Health Insurance Savings for Small Businesses
State to Main – 2022 Week 17

  • Labor Shortage Data Shows 10% Decline in More Than Half the State
  • Governor Signals Displeasure With Legislature’s Direction on Workforce and Economic Development
  • Workforce and Economic Development Bills Combined, With Revisions, as Adjournment Looms
  • Community Partnership for Neighborhood Development Program

State to Main – 2022 Week 16

  • The Adult in the Room
  • Senate Passes $8 Billion Budget, Governor Raises the Prospect of a Veto
  • Economic Development Bill Advances to the House
  • Comprehensive Act 250 Bill Passes House Committee
State to Main – 2022 Week 15

  • Vermont Chamber Advocates for Business Relief and Workforce Growth
  • Workforce Development Initiatives Aim to Retain and Upskill Workers
  • Senate Committee Creates Tax Relief Package Without Raising New Taxes
  • Missing Middle Housing Proposal Advances
State to Main – 2022 Week 14

  • Priorities for Business Relief in the Final Stretch
  • Workforce and Economic Development Bills Progress as Appropriations Questions Loom
  • Vermont Chamber Testifies on Proposed Cloud Tax
  • Ensuring a Safe Environment for Vermont Visitors

State to Main – 2022 Week 13

  • House Commerce’s Workforce Field Hearing
  • Cloud Tax Is Back on the Table
  • Housing Proposals Taken up in the House
  • Health Insurance Cost Pressures Rising
State to Main – 2022 Week 12

  • Legislature Adds to Business Costs Amid Struggle to Recover
  • Fix for Business Grants Advances
  • Liquor Law Modernization Clears House
  • The House Budget Sets the Stage for a Challenge of Priorities
State to Main – 2022 Week 11

  • New Economic Development Bill Introduces a Host of New Problems
  • Business Grants Get Thrown a Curveball with New Bill
  • Workforce Development Bill Draws Out Crossover
  • A Housing Vacancy Problem vs. A Housing Availability Crisis
State to Main – 2022 Week 10

  • Workforce Development Bill May Still Need Additional Cuts
  • Economic Development Bill Nearing Completion
  • Fix for Business Grants Hits a Road Bump
  • Housing Legislation on the Move
State to Main – 2022 Week 9

  • Committees Make Progress on Workforce Bills as Crossover Nears
  • Vermont Chamber Supports Workforce Housing Solutions
  • Advocating for Business Relief
  • House Appropriations Committee Reviews Grants, Broadband, and Housing
State to Main – 2022 Week 8

  • Workforce Investments Take Shape in Economic Development Bills
  • Negotiations Continue on Business Grants
  • Urgency Needed to Address Housing Crisis
  • Formalizing and Funding Relocation Marketing
State to Main – 2022 Week 7

  • Committees Work to Solve Labor Shortage
  • Senate Releases the Omnibus Housing Bill
  • Proposed Road Rule Would Expand Act 250 Jurisdiction
  • Early Win Possible on Business Recovery Grants

State to Main – 2022 Week 6

  • Vermont Chamber Advocates Formula Fix for Business Recovery Grants
  • Attracting New Workers to Move to Vermont
  • Military Pension Tax Exemption for Workforce Recruitment
  • Accessory Dwelling Units See Funding Moved
State to Main – 2022 Week 5

  • Businesses Still Need Grant Funds to Help With Long-Term Recovery
  • UI Benefits Increase Will Do Little to Provide Financial Relief
  • Bringing More Vermonters Into the Workforce
  • Creating the Omnibus Economic Development Bill

State to Main – 2022 Week 4

  • Governor’s Plan to Rebuild the Workforce Outlined in Annual Budget Address
  • Legislative Solution to Workforce Shortage Elusive
  • Governor’s Budget Proposes Significant Investments in Child Care
  • Removing the Tax on Military Pensions Could Help Recruit More Workers

State to Main – 2022 Week 3

  • Vermont Chamber Pushes Legislature to Ease Restrictions for Business Recovery Grants
  • Can There Be Compromise on a Rental Registry?
  • Vermont Chamber Advocates for Act 250 Modernization
  • Vermont Chamber Housing Priorities Under Discussion
State to Main – 2022 Week 2

  • Governor’s State of the State Aligns with Vermont Chamber Priorities
  • Increasing Funds for Housing and Workforce
  • Business Grant Program may be Re-Tooled to Better Meet Need
  • Capital Investment Grant Program Needs More Funds
State to Main – 2022 Week 1

  • In 2022, Money and Politics Combine for a Packed Legislative Session
  • Is There a Fix for the Workforce Shortage?
  • Getting Creative to Move the Needle on Housing
  • Proposed Actions from Climate Council Report to be Addressed
State to Main – 2022 Legislative Preview

  • Legislature Sends Lodging Bill to Governor

State to Main – Veto Session

  • Legislature Adjourns After Passing Several Vermont Chamber Priorities
  • Budget Makes Meaningful Investment in Vermont Economy
  • Budget Includes $15 Million for Utility Customer Relief
  • Legislature Invests $150 Million in Rural Broadband Buildouts

State to Main – Adjournment

  • Legislature Proposes $100 Million Tax on Employers to Fund UI Benefits Increase
  • Tourism and Hospitality Worker Vaccine Clinics Announced
  • Eligible Organizations Can Submit Earmark Proposals Through May 21
  • Committee Finalizes Economic Bill with Inadequate Business Reliefs

State to Main – Week 18

  • House Committee Advances Unemployment Insurance Fix
  • S.88 Will Result in Significant Savings on Health Care Premiums for Small Businesses
  • Funding for Montreal Trade Office Advances
  • Vermont Chamber Urges Congressional Delegation To Expedite J1 Visa Process

    State to Main – Week 17


  • Vermont Chamber Supporting Bill to Expand Workforce
  • Businesses Need More Relief Grants
  • Work Search Requirement Returning for UI Claimants
  • Vermont’s Workforce Shortage Could Benefit from Expediting J-1 Visa Applications

State to Main – Week 16

  • Vermont Chamber Testifies on UI Changes
  • Businesses Weigh In on PPP Taxability
  • Senate Hears Testimony on BIPOC-Owned Business Provisions
  • Senate Committee Aims to Create Equity for Vermont Distillers

State to Main – Week 15

  • Opposition to Paycheck Protection Program Tax Continues
  • House Advances Cloud Tax
  • Business Groups Call for Increased Relief Grant Funding
  • Small Businesses Will Save on Health Care Costs in 2022

State to Main – Week 14

  • Future of Remote Work in Vermont
  • UI Changes Would Harm Economic Recovery
  • Virtual Policy Series Recordings
  • Manufacturing Summit Registration Open for Suppliers

State to Main – Week 13

  • VT Chamber Priority Short-Term Rental Registry Clears Senate
  • Unemployment Insurance Changes Narrowly Advance
  • Changes to Gap Recovery Grants for Businesses
  • Child Care Investments at the State or Federal Level?

State to Main – Week 12

  • $2.5 Million Tourism Marketing Boost in Economic Bill
  • Senate Delays Vote on Unemployment Insurance Bill
  • Bill Would Impose New Property Tax, Expand Manufacturing Credit and Exemption
  • House Passes Fiscal Year 2022 Budget

State to Main – Week 11

  • Senate Delays $50 Million UI Tax Increase Proposal
  • Senate Advances Changes to Relief Grant Proposal
  • Economic Bill Advances
  • Speaker and Treasurer Prioritize Pension Reform

State to Main – Week 10

  • Increased Tourism Funding Receives Unanimous Support
  • Senate Committee Advances $50 Million in UI Benefits Increases
  • Rental Registry Advances
  • New Act 250 Bill Includes Widely Agreed Upon Modernization

State to Main – Week 9

  • Business Grants Included in COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Package
  • Tech Industry Representatives Rally to Oppose Cloud Tax
  • Vermont Chamber Testifies on Unemployment Insurance Proposal
  • Vermont Chamber Briefs Caucus on Military Retirement Pay Tax Exemption Proposal

State to Main – Week 8

  • House Committee Advances Economic Relief Grants
  • Senate Considers House-Approved Brownfield Funds
  • Scott Administration Proposal Would Prevent Unemployment Insurance Cost Hike
  • Tourism Marketing Funds Advance

State to Main – Week 7

  • Business Organizations Call for Additional Economic Recovery Grants
  • Expanding Manufacturing Tax Exemption Vital to Economic Development
  • Marketing Proposal Would Boost Economic Recovery
  • House Considers Exempting Military Retirement Pay from Personal Income Tax

State to Main – Week 6

  • Vermont Chamber Advocates for Additional Business Grants
  • House Committee Briefed on State of Vermont Manufacturing
  • Temporary Workers’ Compensation Changes Extended
  • Expansion of Manufacturing Tax Exemption Essential for Economic Development

State to Main – Week 5

  • Governor Offers Good News for Economic Recovery
  • New Business Grant Proposal Essential to Recovery
  • Unemployment Insurance Changes Considered in Senate
  • Vermont Chamber Shares Tourism & Hospitality Priorities with Tourism Caucus

State to Main – Week 4

  • Scott Administration Provides Details on Latest Grant Proposal
  • Emergency Board Receives Mixed Prognosis from State Economists
  • Legislature Reviews Latest Act 250 Executive Order
  • Vermont Chamber Requests Caution in Public Comment to Tax Structure Commission

State to Main – Week 3

  • Vermont Chamber Hosts Virtual Roundtable with Congressman Welch
  • Vermont Chamber Shares Business Priorities with House Legislators
  • Senate Committee Advances Extension of Workers’ Compensation Changes
  • Department of Labor Recommends Implementing Application Process for UI Rate Relief

State to Main – Week 2

  • Civility: Is it Too Much to Ask? Not in Vermont
  • State of the State Address Includes Focus on Economic Recovery
  • Legislature Formalizes New Leadership
  • Little Change in Committee Chair Assignments

State to Main – Week 1