Childcare Solutions Must Address Availability, Dependability, and Affordability

The Vermont Chamber testified before the House Human Services Committee on S.56 expressing the need for balanced solutions that will provide the existing workforce with relief from the issues of availability, dependability, and affordability. Legislators must pose critical questions about how, and if, the solutions proposed in the bill address those three areas and if money alone will solve the problem. The Vermont Chamber will continue to raise concerns that amid a severe workforce shortage in every industry, taxing workers and businesses to increase wages for one industry must come with a concrete plan for accountability to ensure more dependability and availability of childcare spots for working families.

The Vermont Chamber continues to advocate in support of not having the availability of CCFAP subsidies tied to the STAR system, and for the legislature to further consider the opportunity for full-time pre-kindergarten to be part of the public school system. Additionally, the Vermont Chamber is urging legislators to consider tax credit opportunities for businesses that are already investing in childcare solutions to ensure employers are not placed in the position of reducing or removing those benefits to cover a tax that may not provide additional solutions for their workers.