Childcare Revenue Source Remains Unclear, Only One Week Until Deadline

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee voted out their childcare bill, S.56, along party lines, 3-2, leaving the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committees only a week to consider revenue sources for the major spending proposal. The bill’s contribution to the cumulative impact of pricey policies that are being prioritized this session is further worrisome due to an anticipated increase in costs next year for the cost of care and teacher pay. Questions on how the legislation will be paid for remain unanswered despite childcare being touted as a top legislative priority this session and the release of the RAND report, which was commissioned by the legislature for $600,000 to guide their work this session. 

Money committees now only have a few days to consider the major financial implications of the bill in the run-up to the crossover deadline for bills with financial appropriations, which is next Friday. Questions remain on how much additional funding will be required to bridge the gap between what is required and the $50 million in allocated funding from the Governor combined with $32 million from the Child Tax Credit.