Legislature Sends Lodging Bill to Governor

The Legislature passed S.79, a lodging bill that would establish a statewide short-term rental (STR) registry. The bill was messaged to the Governor’s office where it awaits further action.

The Vermont Chamber has long believed that registration of STRs is a necessary first step to improve communication while also providing valuable data if, in the future, the State chooses to enforce health and safety regulations like those implemented to protect public health during the pandemic. The foundation set by establishing a STR registry would be a positive development toward ensuring a safe rental environment and moving towards equity in the lodging marketplace.

Prior to the bill’s passage in the Legislature, the Vermont Chamber sent a letter to the full Senate expressing support for S.79. Governor Scott has recently voiced concern over the legislation, and it is unknown whether he will allow the bill to become law.

If the Governor vetoes the bill, the Legislature will likely attempt to override the veto when they reconvene in October or January. Contact Vermont Chamber Vice President of Tourism Amy Spear with questions or for assistance with contacting Governor Scott to voice your support for S.79.