VMEC and Vermont Chamber Join Forces to Bolster Vermont’s Supply Chain Resiliency with CONNEX™ Vermont and the Manufacturing Summit

The Vermont Chamber of Commerce and the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC) are partnering to strengthen supply chains to benefit the Vermont manufacturing industry. VMEC’s CONNEX™ Vermont platform is a powerful online manufacturer-supplier database and connectivity tool provided as a no-cost resource for all Vermont manufacturers and suppliers. The Vermont Chamber’s annual Manufacturing Summit brings OEMs & Prime buyers, suppliers, and partners together from the U.S. and Canada for virtual and in-person networking.

Together, these opportunities create a well-rounded environment for Vermont businesses to connect with suppliers and buyers both locally and abroad. With virtual and in-person offerings, manufacturers are able to access a powerful online platform 24/7/365, while also attending high-level engagement opportunities right in their own backyard.

“This partnership is a win-win,” stated Gregory Maguire, General Counsel and Director of Business Strategy of Liquid Measurement Systems. “Combining the Vermont Chamber’s advocacy expertise and their annual Manufacturing Summit with VMEC’s new platform for Vermont suppliers will support matchmaking, help solve current and future supply chain challenges, and create more value for the Vermont manufacturing community.”

CONNEX™ Vermont will combine Vermont manufacturer and supplier data into a single, accurate, searchable scouting database to provide supply chain visualization. This will allow buyers, manufacturers, and suppliers to quickly post and respond to needs, visualize supply chain risk, search for qualified suppliers, and discover new business opportunities. The Vermont Chamber’s advocacy expertise complements this work by identifying policy opportunities to reinforce the manufacturing industry and advance the Vermont economy.

The Vermont Chamber and VMEC partnership will elevate the ability of manufacturers to access new contacts, business opportunities, and contracts in key industries such as aerospace and aviation, defense and space, industrial, naval and marine, and medical devices.