Work on Crucial Housing Bill is Underway in Senate Committee

While there seem to be more housing bills introduced this session than housing units being built in Vermont, the Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs Committee took testimony throughout the week from various stakeholders to inform ongoing work on the “BE Home” bill. Early drafts of this session’s omnibus housing bill include amendments to Act 250, such as the issuance of permits contingent on other approvals and the establishment of new tiers. The proposal also addresses taxation adjustments, introducing modifications like property tax exemptions and sunset clauses for specific tax exemptions. Committee work on the proposed legislation is expected to continue next week to meet the Chair’s expectation of having a bill by early February.

The Vermont Chamber is advocating for solutions that encourage more housing to be built in viable locations, without appropriating large sums of money. In particular, for policy that incentivizes new development in and around our community centers as outlined in the Vermont Natural Resources Board report on necessary updates to Act 250.