Complex challenges require bold strategic solutions. To meet the need for 80,000 new units of housing by 2035, it will take a coordinated approach that addresses all angles of the issue. Efforts to address the severe shortage will work together with measures that are already underway.

Policy Priorities

We must create consistency in the regional commissions, remove redundancies, and provide exemptions to prioritize residential development.

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This will allow private developers critical opportunities to participate in a program intended to bridge the funding gap for the creation of middle-income housing solutions.

This will allow for housing development and resilient, planned, communities in larger growth areas to meet workforce demand.

The legislature has created statutory goals on topics like climate action and child care, but we do not have a housing goal. If we are going to understand the strength of our proposals, and the pace of our success, history has shown us that we need a clear goal to measure against. 


Headshot of Megan Sullivan, Vice President of Government Affairs at the Vermont Chamber of Commerce.

Megan Sullivan

Vice President of Government Affairs