Businesses that were severely damaged by the 2023 flooding need support to recover. Specifically, to address the collective unmet economic injury needs that total hundreds of millions of dollars. Looking ahead, it’s not a matter of if, but when, a catastrophic weather event will hit Vermont again. Resiliency must be central to rebuilding and future planning. Business vitality is crucial to the wellbeing of all Vermonters.

Issue Updates

Policy Priorities

This will address mid-to-long-term economic recovery efforts for businesses that collectively face an unmet economic injury need that totals hundreds of millions of dollars.

This will ensure business, homeowner, and community resiliency by proactively planning and implementing mitigation strategies. The goal is to reduce the downtime of operations and revenue loss following future disasters.

This will help state agencies create standardized programs that can be quickly mobilized during disaster response and efficiently meet the needs ofthose impacted.



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