Shared Priorities Central in Governor’s State of the State

Governor Phil Scott’s address to the General Assembly set the stage for a legislative session that has significant opportunities for collaboration between legislators and the Governor on issues that are top of mind for businesses. Both have said that housing solutions and climate recovery and resiliency measures top their priority lists.

Workforce housing and recovery and resiliency are two pillars of the 2024 legislative business priorities. The Vermont Chamber is continuing to work on solutions for modernizing Act 250 to increase housing development and is encouraging legislators to establish a statutory goal for housing supply. We are also at the table advocating for the replenishment of business recovery programs following this year’s flood disasters and supporting work that prioritizes resiliency measures to help secure stability for the Vermont business community.

As anticipated, Governor Phil Scott’s State of the State address echoed his longstanding commitments to the economic well-being of Vermont and fiscal responsibility. For the past decade, the Vermont Chamber has worked to put a spotlight on Vermont’s severe demographic challenges and Governor Scott expressed his shared deep concern about the accumulating impacts on our workforce, reiterating that “the biggest obstacle we face to economic sustainability, is a shrinking workforce.” The Governor also shared that his proposed budget this year will have a modest 3% increase. The Governor will return to speak to the General Assembly again in three weeks with details on his proposed budget.