The Deane C. Davis Outstanding Vermont Business of the Year Award is presented annually by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce and Vermont Business Magazine, and is named in honor of Governor Deane C. Davis (1900-1990).

In 1968, at the age of 68, when most people look forward to the enjoyment of retirement, Deane C. Davis was elected governor. Governor Davis brought considerable experience to the governor’s office (1969-1973), gleaned over many years as a lawyer, corporate officer and company president. He was a strong advocate of a sound economy that is based in a protected environment.

Governor Davis was known as the “Environmental Governor” because of his strong support for Act 250, which was enacted during his administration. He also championed a vigorous economic development program that resulted in the creation of the highly successful economic development corporations.

The Chamber works with lawmakers and government officials at both the state and federal levels to advocate on behalf of our members. Each fall, the Chamber engages members during statewide issue forums to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing our member businesses. This grassroots effort, along with member surveys and in-depth dialogue with Chamber leadership and the Government Affairs team, helps shape the organization’s policy and legislative priorities.

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