Bringing More Vermonters into the Workforce

With all eyes on the workforce shortage, several Committees and caucuses are looking at the needs of underutilized workers.

  • The House Education Committee heard from the Student Pathways Division about the Career and Technical Education (CTE) system which readies workers for in-demand jobs in local communities. The Vermont Chamber supports existing efforts to weave in CTE education in the younger grades, through more robust career advising and CTE recruitment.
  • The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation brought the specific needs of the populations they work with in seeking stable employment to the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee. For workers with disabilities, transportation is one of the main challenges, particularly in rural areas, but some employers have worked with their employees and local partners to find creative solutions. It’s clear this conversation is just beginning and needs to be continued in the transportation committees.
  • The Department of Corrections also spoke to the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee about their successes in training incarcerated individuals for jobs in the community. For justice-involved Vermonters seeking stable employment for the first time, job skills training programs could be more effective when coupled with social and emotional skills training, as employers are ready and willing to hire and collaborate with this population to make the transition into the workforce a long-term success.