Bill Updates
  • DiscriminationH. 320, a bill prohibiting settlements of discrimination claims from including no-rehire clauses, was voted favorably out of the House General, Housing, and Military Affairs Committee, after being amended to clarify that it would not impact settlements negotiated on or before June 30, 2022. H.329, a bill amending discrimination laws, will receive further consideration before a vote, after the Committee heard testimony from the Vermont Chamber and other representatives of the business community about unintended negative consequences.
  • Medical Monitoring – The Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously in favor of S. 113, a proposal to establish a cause of action for the remedy of medical monitoring for a person who is exposed to a proven toxic substance. The Vermont Chamber testified, advocating for proximate cause and making the legal test consistent with federal court decisions. The Committee amended the bill to adopt these changes.
  • Rental Registry – The Senate Finance Committee voted favorably on S. 210, a bill to create a rental registry that is inclusive of some and rental housing. Short-term rentals that are rented less than 90 days are exempt from the registry, diluting the effectiveness of the registry. During subsequent discussion in the Senate Appropriations Committee, several committee members expressed concern that the Administration may not look favorably upon this bill despite efforts to compromise.
  • Contractor RegistryH. 157, a proposal to require residential building contractors to register with the State, passed the Senate but may not garner the Governor’s signature. The registry would apply to residential contractor agreements valued at over $3,500.