EIDL Application Update

EIDL Application Update
The SBA began processing applications for additional loans of up to $2 million per property through its Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program on October 8. View the SBA FAQ sheet and apply online.
The SBA shared the following tips based on different loan scenarios:
  • Application was processed in DCMS 2.0: If a borrower’s application number began with 2000 and did not have rapid portal access for the original loan, it was processed in DCMS 2.0 and the increase will be as well. If the borrower has not already received their maximum eligible loan amount, they should submit their increase request to CovidEIDLIncreaseRequests@sba.gov.
  • Borrower has received maximum eligible loan amount: The “request more funds” button will not appear in the EIDL portal for those who have already borrowed the maximum amount for which they are eligible. Borrowers who believe they are eligible for additional funds should review the “How Much Can I Borrow?” question in SBA’s FAQ and may submit an increase request to CovidEIDLIncreaseRequests@sba.gov.
  • The borrower’s previous increase request was declined: The “request more funds” button will not appear in the EIDL portal if the most recent increase request was declined. Borrowers who believe they were declined in error or were declined because they failed to submit information or documents requested by a loan officer should review the FAQ and apply for reconsideration by emailing PDC.Reconsideration@sba.gov.
  • The borrower has a loan application or increase request in process: If a borrower currently has a loan application or increase request in process, including in reconsideration, the “request more funds” button will not appear in their EIDL portal. Borrowers should not submit a new request before their current application or increase has been processed. Doing so might result in their application being flagged as a duplicate. If borrowers are in the “submitted deal” stage of their current application or increase request, the loan officer working their account will give them the option to receive a larger increase if they are eligible for additional funds. If they are in the “approved” stage or later, they need to wait until their loan or increase has been funded and submit a new increase request at that time using the “request more funds” button in their portal.
For additional questions, please contact SBA at 800-659-2955 or email disastercustomerservice@sba.gov


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