Megan Sullivan Appointed to Stakeholder Steering Committee for Act 250

Megan Sullivan, Vice President of Government Affairs, has been appointed to the Stakeholder Steering Committee for a legislative report on “Necessary Updates to the Act 250 Program.” The committee has been established as part of Act 182 of 2022 and Act 47 of 2023 to facilitate stakeholder input and consensus building for necessary updates to the Act 250 program. This appointment recognizes Sullivan’s expertise and the Vermont Chamber’s dedication to advancing the Vermont economy. Sullivan brings a wealth of economic development experience and knowledge to the table and her work will ensure that the needs of Vermont businesses will be considered in the process. 

The Stakeholder Steering Committee was formed in June 2023 by the Natural Resources Board (NRB) and is comprised of 16 key leaders representing various constituencies, including applicants, consultants, attorneys, economic development organizations, housing organizations, municipalities, environmental advocates, and state agencies. The committee’s primary goal is to facilitate conversations, debates, and consensus-building to advise the NRB on a comprehensive and inclusive approach to the Act 250 program update report. Through regular meetings and open discussions, the committee will work to identify common ground between different proposals and interest groups, working towards recommendations that the NRB and stakeholders can support or have reached a compromise on.