Legislative Intern Spotlight: Scott Czerwinski

Name: Scott Czerwinski 

College: Saint Michael’s College 

Field of Study:  Economics and Political Science Majors, Public Health Minor 

Graduating: Spring 2023 

Hometown: Burlington, MA 

I am excited to see how the actual drafting and debating of legislation happens, as well as get more of an idea of what state government looks like. The most important skill I have developed is being able to catch on to many topics with ease. Each day, each committee is discussing a different piece of legislation to address a different issue and listening in and taking notes is like a crash course in each subject. 

I hope to stay in Vermont and get a job working for either the state government or in some role where I can put my experience in both economics and political science to use. I also am interested in jobs that deal with data analysis or healthcare. I spent the last summer in South Korea teaching English to North Korean refugee children and it was an amazing learning experience both for what working a full-time job is like and for adapting to a role outside of my area of study.” 

Contact Information: I can be reached at sczerwinski@mail.smcvt.edu or through LinkedIn under Scott Czerwinski

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