Legislative Intern Spotlight: Maggie Talty

Name: Maggie Talty 

College: University of Vermont 

Field of Study: Public Communications, concentration in Journalism and Media, Minor in Anthropology  

Anticipated Graduation: 2023 

Hometown: York, Maine 

“After working on two political campaign communications projects, I wanted to get a deeper look into the internal work of legislation. I’m passionate about policy and welfare and interested in seeing how development and legislation intersect. Through this internship, I wanted to explore government communications, strategic communication, stakeholder engagement, community development, and professional relationship building all while gaining a deeper understanding about legislative action and procedure. I have developed deeper knowledge regarding these interest areas all while honing my skills in organization, oral and written communication, and management. I’m a critical thinker and having the ability to work in a fast-paced setting has been incredibly rewarding.  

With a passion for human development and rights, having the opportunity to be in the room while discussion of imperative and uplifting policy is happening has been the highlight of my college career. Seeing the way in which Vermonters and legislators passionately care about wellbeing in our state is incredibly empowering and reminds me that all of us have agency, in our lives and in our neighbors’ lives. I wish to continue this work after my graduation in May 2023. 

I’m staying in Vermont! I’m currently seeking employment in Vermont in any type of campaign work, public relations, or public communication positions. I’m open to discussion of any opportunity that may come my way. As an enthusiastic learner, I seek new challenges and areas of interest to explore. I’m constantly looking for new ways to educate myself and gain a deeper understanding of this industry. I’m hoping to find a position that challenges me, provides the opportunity to work toward greater good, and elevate wellbeing for all Vermonters in our state. Some specific areas of interest include human rights, non-profit work, access to childcare, reproductive liberty, equal opportunity, and accessibility measures for Vermonters. I’m passionate about all areas of community development and love the rewarding experience of seeing ways in which policy can uplift opportunity for all.” 

Contact Information:  

Email – maggietalty@gmail.com 


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