Legislative Intern Spotlight: Ashley Maynes

Name: Ashley Maynes 

College: University of Vermont 

Field of Study: Public Communication, Strategic Communication Concentration 

Graduating: May 2023 

Hometown: Pawlet, VT 

“It is such a treat to be surrounded by the minds who come together on various legislative measures that impact Vermont. I consider myself an observant person, so working with the Chamber in this way has given me a new lens through which I am able to learn about the inner workings of the state that I am happy to call my home. One skill that I am happy to have is the ability to remain neutral while being a part of certain contexts, and my work with the Chamber has lent itself to me being able to exercise that with regularity. I have grown in my capacity to listen and consider things holistically and with an open mind. 

Along with my work for the Chamber, I have learned a great deal about consumer policy in Vermont through my work with the Vermont Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program (CAP). In the office every week, I provide constituent services to Vermonters who are looking for guidance through issues relating to consumer protection issues like fraud and scams. It has been a gift to have the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned at CAP to some legislative measures that were deliberated this session. I will take this foundation of knowledge of Vermont and apply it to whatever it is that I will do next. 

 After college, I’m not sure what I’ll do! I would love to embark on my journey in the public sector, an interest that has been greatly informed during my time here at Vermont’s beautiful statehouse. I am confident that something great will come my way. If there are any legislators reading this who need assistance, know that I am eager to learn about and advocate for policies that benefit Vermont. I would love to work for you! 

Thanks for reading! I can be reached at the following email and phone number. It has been a pleasure watching you all work so hard to make Vermont the special place that it is. Enjoy the summer!” 

Contact Information: 
Email: amaynes15@gmail.com 

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