Joint Fiscal Committee Approves $75 Million for Additional Business Relief

The Joint Fiscal Committee met this morning and unanimously approved the Scott Administration’s proposal to dedicate $75 million of unallocated remaining Coronavirus Relief Fund dollars to relief grants for the lodging and restaurant industry.
The Vermont Chamber advocated for the release of these funds to help address the overwhelming unmet financial need businesses continue to face because of COVID-19 operating restrictions and the resultant economic downturn. The Vermont Chamber’s efforts were bolstered by the restaurant and lodging sectors that mobilized to express widespread support for the proposal to authorize the funds. 
Vermont Chamber Vice President of Tourism Amy Spear said, “Authorizing these funds was essential to the survival of lodging and restaurant entities that continue to grapple with the staggering economic impact of COVID-19. We are very appreciative of the Scott Administration and Joint Fiscal Committee’s work to advance this much needed additional relief for Vermont businesses.”