“Invest Versus Spend” – Governor Scott Delivers His 7th Budget Address

Economic development initiatives took center stage in this year’s budget address. In what he described as his most significant and complex budget yet, Governor Scott detailed a myriad of opportunities for investments in several key areas, including regional support, housing, higher education, and workforce training. 

On the heels of his Inaugural Address, the Governor once again opened his speech before the joint assembly with an emphasis on the opportunity to capitalize on remaining federal funds to fuel economic development. He also continued his appeal to legislators to make infrastructure investments that level the playing field for all communities, stating, “We can give every town the chance to catch up, act on their vision, and importantly, help them follow through to restore their vitality, reclaim their character, and renew their identity.” This Vermont Chamber testified earlier this week in support of regional support investments to bolster rural infrastructure.  

On housing, the Governor acknowledged the need for investments to expand beyond housing insecurity to help Vermonters achieve permanent housing, including options for middle-income workers. He also proposed significant investments in the development of rental housing and money proposed for municipal planning measures. Workforce training and investments in higher education also topped the list of the Governor’s budget priorities, with millions allotted to vocational programming and the Vermont State Colleges System to increase workforce participation in some of the most in-demand careers.  

A complete transcript of the Governor’s address is available, here.