Intern Spotlight: Patrick Connolly

Name: Patrick Connolly

College: Middlebury College

Field of Study: Major: International Politics and Economics, Minor: Mathematics

Anticipated Graduation: February 2026

Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD

“After working in Governor Phil Scott’s Workforce Development Board last summer, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce presents an opportunity to foster my growing love for Vermont and its businesses. Because this is a joint internship with The Vermont Futures Project, I am working across many subdivisions of the Chamber. This dynamic and multi-faceted position allows me to work in the intersection of public policy and the private sector, offering me hands-on experiences with advocacy, economic development, and data-informed decision-making for Vermont.

This learning experience will foster my passions for political sciences, economics, and a love for numbers. At Middlebury, the skills I am developing at the Chamber will be critical as I continue to explore educational pathways of interest.

The Chamber’s team is thoughtful, engaging, dynamic, and just a joy to work with. I could not be more grateful for this opportunity to expand my love for policy, data analytics, economic development, and, most importantly, Vermont.”

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