Governor Signals Displeasure With Legislature’s Direction on Workforce and Economic Development

The Governor’s proposed budget made his priorities clear: grow the workforce, improve affordability, and put federal dollars toward transformative long-term investments. Legislative leaders responded with a budget that makes clear their values, some of which align with the Governor’s and some of which do not. Their budget process slashed funding for CTE infrastructure, regional workforce development coordinators, and tax relief for military retirees. Most critically, it will fail to adequately fund the proposals to grow the workforce by bringing more people to the state, through relocation grants and targeted marketing and outreach.

The Vermont Chamber has been engaging with the State Workforce Development Board’s Relocation and Recruitment Committee to work through the issues stifling growth, but to make progress toward the goal of reversing our population trends, the Legislature must show up as a partner and make intentional investments to grow the workforce. The alternative is stagnation and decline.