Essential Solutions at Risk of Being Stripped from Housing Bill

S.100, the ‘HOME’ bill, was voted out of the Senate Economic Development Committee last week and could make meaningful progress to address business housing concerns. However, the legislation is now in the Senate Natural Resources Committee and essential zoning reform elements are at risk of being stripped from the bill. Please contact your Senator to urge them to support the HOME bill as passed by Senate Economic Development Committee. 

Despite widespread support from legislators across political parties, the legislation is being met with significant opposition from conservationists. Ninety-eight municipalities have adopted a Declaration of Inclusion, an initiative with the intent to attract people to Vermont to live, work and raise families in a state that values and encourages diversity in its population. But, when it comes to building housing for new community members, state and local regulatory processes are used to derail housing opportunities, and Vermonters in these same cities and towns are discouraging development