Economic Advancement Through Liquor Law Modernization

Last session, a significant liquor law modernization bill was signed into law. There were several provisions that positively impact businesses and serve as economic recovery tools such as a temporary measure to allow alcohol to-go until 2023. While Act 70 signified a major progression, there were important provisions left on the table that the committees of jurisdiction did not have enough time to fully consider. This includes allowing low-alcohol spirit beverages (ready to drink canned cocktails) to be sold by the same retailers that sell beer, wine, and hard cider, and allowing small Vermont distillers to ship directly to consumers. Permitting Vermont distillers to do so would bring Vermont in-line with other states that have already passed a similar measure. Discussions around these provisions will continue this session. Continued adjustment and modernization of alcohol regulatory and financial policies is a priority for both the Vermont Chamber and our partner, Vermont Independent Restaurants.