Declaration of Inclusion Initiative Reaches Milestone

The Declaration of Inclusion initiative is an ongoing effort to raise consciousness about the importance of diversity, equity, and justice and the positive effect that diversity can have on our economy. The Vermont Chamber of Commerce is a proud partner of the initiative, aiding in the grassroots efforts to engage community leaders to reinforce the message that Vermont is a safe and welcoming place for all.

As of November 17, 2022, 80 towns and cities have adopted a Declaration of Inclusion. The Vermont Declaration of Inclusion initiative has now met the milestone of over 50% of Vermont residents residing in a municipality that has pledged itself to welcome and treat all members of marginalized communities who visit, reside, or do business there, fairly and equitably.

With a top threat to the Vermont economy being the severe workforce shortage, this initiative is vital to creating an economically secure future for the state. By amplifying that Vermont welcomes all people, the state can attract workers with diverse skills and traditions to live, work, and raise families here.

In 2021, Governor Phil Scott issued a Proclamation of Inclusion, establishing the second week of May as Inclusion Week. Looking ahead, the goal is to have 100 towns and municipalities adopt a Declaration of Inclusion before Inclusion Week in 2023.

Additional information, resources, and a complete list of municipalities that have adopted the Declaration are available at