CTE Report Confirms Need for Significant Reform

Several committees received a walkthrough of a lengthy report on the funding and governance of Vermont’s career technical education (CTE) system. Study findings suggest that to meet Vermont’s significant workforce needs, “simple changes in the system’s governance or funding will not be sufficient.” To make meaningful progress, the report outlines several recommendations. 

The report outlined solutions to be considered in the following areas: 


  • Additional funding to incentivize student engagement and make CTE centers more accessible 
  • Specific funding for facility upgrades to update physical infrastructure and increase capacity  
  • Implement a weighted student formula, eliminating tuition-based funding 


  • Require alignment of academic calendar and requirements by region 
  • Review teacher requirements and salary policies  

State Capacity  

  • Hire additional Agency of Education staff 
  • Increase awareness of CTE by requiring career exploration offerings to middle school students 
  • Eliminate core course repetition and ensure more efficient cost credentialing  

Larger Systems Change 

  • Explore opportunities to expand programming beyond CTE centers 
  • Coordinate a governance structure by region or single statewide district