Businesses build community. In every sector, regardless of their size, Vermont businesses are going above and beyond to uplift their employees, customers, and neighbors. As the cornerstones of our communities, businesses play a crucial role in the foundation of the economic and social fabric that makes up Vermont. A thriving business climate will create positive outcomes for all Vermonters.

Policy Priorities

This will allow businesses to have time to implement and absorb pre-existing obligations such as the payroll tax that starts in July 2024.

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This will address our declining demographics by highlighting areas like climate action and the Declaration of Inclusion initiative to encourage more people to move to Vermont.

This will enable more students to be trained during high school for high-quality and in-demand vocations in Vermont.

This will aid workforce and recruitment efforts by making Vermont a viable place for military retirees to live and work.


Headshot of Megan Sullivan, Vice President of Government Affairs at the Vermont Chamber of Commerce.

Megan Sullivan

Vice President of Government Affairs