Bill Updates
  • Medical Monitoring (S.113): The Senate unanimously approved S.113, a proposal to establish a cause of action for the remedy of medical monitoring for a person who is exposed to a proven toxic substance. While the Senate-passed bill addresses some of the Governor’s concerns, its fate remains uncertain. Whether or not insurance can be written for small and medium-sized manufacturers, for example, is a concern for both the Vermont Chamber and the manufacturing community.
  • Budget Adjustment Act: The Budget Adjustment Act was approved by the Senate and a conference committee will reconcile differences with the House-passed version. The bill includes retention incentives for childcare and healthcare workers, and other workforce investments advocated for by the Vermont Chamber.
  • Child Tax Credit (H.510): The $50 million Child Tax Credit was passed by the Ways and Means Committee 8-3 and will provide $1,200 a year to families for each child under the age of six. The Committee also included a last minute amendment to increase the income excluded from taxation for social security benefits by $5,000.
  • Retail Theft (S.180): A bill proposed to curb a rise in retail theft has stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee after members agreed existing laws are sufficient if enforced at the local level. The Committee plans to send a letter to business owners, reminding them of their right to detain shoplifters, as well as a letter to state’s attorneys, urging them to enforce existing law.