As Session Winds Down, Vetoes Increase

With a high approval rating and little concern for the campaign season ahead, Governor Phil Scott exercised his veto authority on six bills already in 2022, for a record 29 in his six year tenure. In February, he vetoed a contractor registry, a prohibition of firearms in hospitals, and amendments to the Charter of the Town of Brattleboro to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote. Just last week he doubled his vetoes, sending back the pension reform bill, amendments to the Charter of the City of Burlington, and the Clean Heat Standard.

The Legislature had the votes to override the veto of the pension reform , but Governor Scott continues to clearly state which of his priorities are non-negotiable. has signaled that if bills come to his desk with provisions he opposes, or lacking sufficient funding for his priorities, more vetoes will follow. As legislators adjourned, leadership chose not to set a date to return to consider further action on vetoes, giving the Governor the final say leading into election season.