A Rare “Win-Win” For Small Businesses, State, and Vermonters

The Vermont Chamber continued its testimony in support of healthcare legislation that would keep the small group market separated from the individual market throughout 2025. S.54 would ensure small businesses benefit from not shouldering the added weight of subsidizing premiums for the individual market, the state wins by accessing more federal funds, and individuals benefit from additional subsidies. The bill was voted out of the House Health Care Committee and is expected to be on the House floor next week. While S.54 is considered a win-win, the Vermont Chamber reminded legislators that this bill does not address the root problem.

The problem of cost-shifting will remain in the years ahead and stakeholders will have to return to the table later to fully understand what re-merging the market would mean financially to small businesses that represent only 6% of the health insurance landscape. The Vermont Chamber will remain engaged to ensure policymakers work towards a plan that ensures small businesses do not get burdened with the full cost of holding the individual market harmless in 2025.