Will the House Make Meaningful Progress on Housing Legislation?

The House took up the Senate’s housing bill this week starting in the House General and Housing Committee. The committee will not be reviewing any provisions related to municipal zoning and Act 250 and will instead focus on housing-specific programs. This would mean a review of changes to state and municipal bylaws will be done in the House Energy and Environment Committee, which historically has been reluctant to address Act 250 barriers. The Vermont Chamber continues to be a leader on the need for bold leadership to reduce barriers to the creation of housing. 

Megan Sullivan, VP of Government Affairs for the Vermont Chamber presented to the Rural Caucus, advocating for solutions that make balanced reforms to state and local regulations and alleviate zoning barriers. Additionally, Kevin Chu, Executive Director of the Vermont Futures Project, presented at a Social Equity Caucus on Vermont’s demographic challenges and the role of housing in ensuring an economically secure, sustainable, and equitable future for Vermont.