Bill Updates
  • CTE Funding: H.483, which set out to fix the funding issues that have long plagued the CTE system, has been amended to task the Agency of Education with creating an implementation plan due in July of 2023. The Vermont Chamber is disappointed that that the Legislature, again, has delayed making this a priority. Other portions of the Governor’s agenda on CTE are being discussed as part of the workforce investment bill, H.703.
  • Military Pension Tax Exemption for Workforce Recruitment: The Vermont Chamber testified in the Senate Finance Committee in support of fully exempting military pensions for workforce recruitment, retention, and diversity, and to make Vermont more attractive and competitive with other states. Vermont is facing a workforce labor shortage crisis, and the proposed $3.1 million dollar tax expenditure for a full exemption is a small, affordable, timely, and much-needed investment in building our future workforce.