Building Bridges Fund

The Vermont Chamber’s Building Bridges Fund helps impacted businesses continue to participate in our advocacy, education, and marketing.

Your contribution provides a dual benefit for small businesses and the Vermont Chamber, allowing them to participate in our programming and helping us maintain our powerful advocacy voice which is proven to help move all businesses toward economic recovery.​

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Sophia Yager
Membership Engagement Director

Your Support Makes a Difference

Dear fellow Vermonter,

​Our small businesses, including many restaurants, inns, and retail stores, are struggling to pay ongoing expenses. Our actions today will ensure Vermont’s businesses and communities thrive in a post-pandemic Vermont. 

Throughout the pandemic, the Vermont Chamber has been a powerhouse, providing guidance to businesses and advocating on federal and state levels for financial and legislative relief to ensure Vermont businesses stay on solid ground. Our State House coverage makes certain that legislators and government officials understand the important issues affecting our small businesses from Newport to Brattleboro. 

At a time when businesses are hurting, the need for your support is greater than ever. Please make a contribution to the Building Bridges Fund now.

Betsy Bishop, President
Vermont Chamber of Commerce

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What Our Contributors are Saying

We know our Vermont Chamber members value the work we do because they tell us every day. Below are comments from Building Bridges Fund contributors about their support of this initiative.